1. Where is Purefect Pet located? 

Purefect Pet is located in a north county San Diego, CA.

2. What is Purefect Pet? 

Purefect Pet is a family owned company whose ideals & principles revolve around providing today's pets only the highest quality natural products and the people who love them the assurance that the products are sourced and manufactured in America.

3.  What if my purchase is damaged or defective? 

Simply return the package to us for a replacement or refund.

4.  What products does Purefect Pet offer? 

Currently Purefect Pet offers the "Eat "em Up!" line of pet treats, meal enhancer and Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

5.  What are the ingredients in Purefect Pet's Eat 'Em Up! line of treats?

Eat "em Up! pet treats are single ingredient treats offered in Chicken Breast or Pork Loin.  They contain no preservatives, flavors or fillers of any kind; are naturally low in fat, gluten-free and pets love the pure taste of wholesome foods!

6.  Where can I buy Purefect Pet's products?

Purefect Pet currently offers its products for sale on this website as well as independent pet supply retailers and veterinarians.  For a retailer in your area, click here to go to our store locator. If your favorite retailer doesn't carry the Purefect Pet line of products, please ask them to contact us.

7.  If no preservatives are used, how long can I expect the Eat 'Em Up! treats to remain fresh? 

Eat "em Up! pet treats should last up to 12 months if properly stored.  If you like, you may refrigerate or freeze them to extend the life of the product beyond 12 months.

8.  What makes Eat 'Em Up! Pet Treats different from the dehydrated pet treats I can buy at large chain pet supply stores?

Purefect Pet products, and specifically, Eat "em Up! pet treats are sourced and manufactured in the US.  They do not contain salt, sugar or other preservatives.  They are made from whole foods and are not mashed, ground, or extruded and then formed into shapes.